Our mission is to ensure that every single child in Park Hill is provided the support needed to thrive academically, socially, emotionally and economically from birth through age 25. 


A Community That Is Thriving, Not Just Surviving. 

Park Hill Collective Impact (PHCI) is being built in real time by and for the community. PHCI serves as the backbone, facilitator, and connector for a growing network of partners to meet the needs of families in Park Hill. Much of the success of PHCI is dependent upon organizations and individuals working together differently.

Community Engagement

We focus on recognizing the intersectionality between issues that are affecting a child's ability to thrive and organizing partners for engaging in continuous improvement in each area. For example, it is important to understand how unstable housing and economics have an affect on a child's nutrition and confidence to succeed in school or how community violence has an impact on a child's feeling of safety and health.

Park Hill Collective Impact engages a wide range of partners and community members around five Action Committees, that include:

  • Academics

  • Community Health

  • Economics & Housing

  • Juvenile Justice

  • Emerging Adults/ Youth Leadership

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Park Hill Collective Impact is also taking an innovative approach to engaging the community through partnering with The Civic Canopy and Industrial Areas Foundation. Together we provide three levels of engagement for involving organizational partners and community members. These meetings are tailored to provide options around meeting size, frequency, and style.

Leadership Summit

Engage Organizational Leaders: We understand many of our organizational leaders are often short on time, but full of expertise and ideas; therefore we host a yearly meeting, facilitated by The Civic Canopy, to seek strategic guidance and support. These are large format meetings that are meant for leaders to commit to a deeper level of interacting with PHCI organizationally.

Action CommitTees

Deeper Commitment to the Work:  We host monthly Action Committee meetings that are open to organization partners and community members. Action Committees are partner-driven action oriented meetings that focus on the details of creating systemic change in the neighborhood.

Community House Meetings

Opportunities for Community Members: In order to guide the work, we host community house meetings, called #ParkHillTalks facilitated by Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). These meetings are small format and are designed to provide a more comfortable setting for community members to share their input and participate in the work. This is especially for community members who are uncomfortable with larger meetings or may not have the time and to identify and elevate community leaders.

To learn more or engage in one of these groups, click here!

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What is Collective Impact?

Collective Impact is a framework spreading across the country and world for facilitating and achieving large scale social change. It is a structured and disciplined approach to bringing cross-sector organizations together to focus on a common agenda that results in long-lasting change.

Park Hill Collective Impact serves as the Backbone Organization to a growing network of partners. A Backbone Organization in a Collective Impact effort both helps maintain overall strategic coherence and coordinates and manages the day-to-day operations and implementation of work, including stakeholder engagement, communications, data collection and analysis, and other responsibilities.

The most successful collective impact programs:

  • Start with a common agenda

  • Establish shared measurement

  • Foster mutually reinforcing activities

  • Encourage continuous communication

  • Have a strong backbone organization

For more info on the framework, visit: collectiveimpactforum.org