#ParkHillTalks - Northeast Denver Islamic Center

We host #ParkHillTalks in places that people feel comfortable to share their experiences and stories. These are often places that people already congregate regularly.

In a mosque, conversations occur about community. It’s a place that people return to on a regular basis to not only to worship, but also to develop friendships, talk about what’s impacting their lives, and ultimately building community.

#ParkHillTalks have unofficially been occurring in places like Northeast Denver Islamic Center for as long as the neighborhood has existed. Bringing the structure of community organizing to the barbershop helps provide the platform to turn the conversations to action.

September 17, 2019

  • 9 attendees

  • Key topics

    • Economics/Housing

      • New development in the neighborhood

      • Changing neighborhood dynamics

      • Affordable housing

      • Development that is an asset to the community

      • Residential displacement

  • Outcomes

    • Attendees agreed that it was time to take action and to work alongside developers with community, to voice their wants for new development, and bring more community voice into the conversation.