2019 Collective Impact Convening

About the Convening

The 2019 Collective Impact Convening will bring together funders, backbones, partners, and community members for cross-sector dialogue and peer learning to tackle complex issues in the collective impact field. This is the place for those practicing collective impact to find the tools, resources, and advice they need. It’s a network of individuals coming together to share experience and knowledge to accelerate the effectiveness and adoption of collective impact.

Park Hill Collective Impact Session

Park Hill Collective Impact (PHCI) presented on an innovative approach to engage community members through partnerships in the community, community organizing, and community talks called #ParkHillTalks. PHCI talked about the importance of also engaging their youth in the community and paying high school interns for the work that they do. High school intern Alana Barros talked about her experience as an intern and leading a #ParkHillTalks at the high school she attends with her peers. Katalina Garcia talked about her experience working on the team and the importance of giving young people a hands on role in organizations. She made a call to action to bring more youth to the table and fostering the development of the future generations in the workforce. James Roy II and Jorge Montiel talked about combining collective impact and community organizing to be innovative and take a different approach in engagement of community. There was a “fish tank” presentation of how to hold small community conversations similar to #ParkHillTalks.