#ParkHillTalks with Mayor Hancock - March 4, 2019

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#ParkHillTalks are small, conversational community meetings to cultivate change through the sharing of personal stories, recognition of shared interests, leadership, and organizing for action.

Troy Grimes speaks next to Mayor Hancock about issues facing Park Hill.

Troy Grimes speaks next to Mayor Hancock about issues facing Park Hill.

Denver’s Mayor Michael B. Hancock stopped by on Monday to see what #ParkHillTalks is all about. Along with the community, the Mayor discussed issues facing Park Hill and what his office is doing to recognize and work on each topic. The room was split into three different small groups that took time to express the personal experiences of the people that attended. The Mayor made time for each group, responding personally to each person about their concerns.

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Hancock agreed to stay involved with the conversations occurring in Park Hill and expressed a desire to replicate the talks in different communities across the city.

  • 25 attendees

  • Key topics

    • Gentrification/housing affordability

    • Eduction

      • School equity

      • Segregation in Park Hill’s elementary schools

      • School choice

    • Emerging Adults/Youth Leadership

      • Needing to live with parents to afford Denver

      • Youth engagement/power

      • Cost of college

    • Economics

      • Competing with the demand for Denver’s jobs

      • Homelessness

  • Outcomes

    • Mayor Hancock agreed to stay engaged in the conversations and expressed the desire to see similar activities in other neighborhoods. He said he would reach out to Park Hill Collective Impact for technical assistance in assisting.