#ParkHillTalks Facilitation Training - January 8, 2019

Park Hill Talks Logo.png

#ParkHillTalks are small, conversational community meetings to cultivate change through the sharing of personal stories, recognition of shared interests, leadership, and organizing for action.

Over 30 community members gathered to learn about the new efforts of organizing the community with #ParkHillTalks. Community power, voice, and participation was discussed, then attendees we taught how to facilitate meetings for themselves. Afterwards, they were asked to commit to hosting meetings around the community, including their homes, churches, barbershops, and anywhere else that community already congregates or would be comfortable to congregate in.

  • 30  attendees

  • Key topics

    • Education

      • School closures and school choice

      • Elementary school segregation

    • Economic/Housing

      • Gentrification/housing affordability

    • General Community Issues/Concerns

      • Lack of neighborhood social inclusivity

  • Outcomes

    • Attendees signed up and agreed to host and facilitate additional meetings throughout the year