2018 Early Literacy Pilot


FREE Literacy Programming in the Summer & 2018-2019 School Year!


The Early Literacy Initiative aims to help children in Park Hill thrive by cultivating confident readers that truly enjoy books and are ready for high-quality learning!

Park Hill Collective Impact is a network of partners that have come together to set common goals. Early literacy success is the first area that the community and our partners will address as we align our efforts to ensure the success of each child in Park Hill. We will be working with children between Kindergarten and Fourth Grade and their families to connect them to early literacy-focused programming and events in the community.

Who qualifies to participate?

All Roots Families with scholars also enrolled at the Boys & Girls Club for summer/after School programming.


How will my child benefit?

Through partnership with Boys and Girls Club, your child will receive targeted literacy programming throughout the summer using the Accelerated Reader program and leveraging support from the Denver Public Library’s Summer Reading Program. Once the school year begins, your child will receive free literacy tutoring by Roots Teachers twice a week after school. 

This program is not just designed for scholars, though! Families are asked to participate in the STAND for Children Parent Programs that include a series of 4 classes on how to best support literacy skills in your home and for your child. Families are also encouraged to participate in 2 literacy focused community activities over the course of the year.

Collective Partners: